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Wisconsin sheriff on recent shootings: I predicted this

I don’t care what you say or think about Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, he is DEAD ON when he talks about all this BLM crap that’s going on in this country. The politicians like Obama are stirring up more racial tension and that is exactly what they want to do while going on camera and saying junk like they hate all the killings and violence in the country. Well, I say Bull Sh#*!!!! This is exactly what they want to happen so they can call out the police state and control everyone! And I mean everyone, as in a communist or socialist society. Look back at history folks and get your heads out of you behinds and wake up!

Sheriff David Clarke appeared on CNN in an interview with Don Lemon to talk about “how to keep our police safe.” Lemon said Clarke will be speaking at the GOP convention Monday night, then Lemon said heads of various law enforcement agencies have told him their message was peace and coming together in the country.

However, Sheriff Clarke doesn’t believe that for a minute. Clarke says to Lemon, “You don’t believe that for one minute, do you?” Lemon was clearly nervous and responded, “That their message is?” Clarke says, “Yeah.”

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