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NWO Engineers Blame European Collapse On Russia

immigrantsNATO’s “US Gen Philip Breedlove claims Russia and Syria are “weaponizing” migration to destabilize and undermine the continent. He also suggested that criminals, extremists and fighters were hiding in the flow of migrants.”

This after the United Nations, European Leaders, and NATO itself supported the mass exodus causing countries like Sweden and Norway to the brink of collapse and no recourse other than to violate international laws to protect their national security.

The entire process has become a dismal failure with nefarious undertones. Even Japan gave sanctuary a try. Only to have 2 of the handful of migrants admitted already committing rape. Now NATO General Breedlove is complaining that ISIS is spreading like a cancer among the refugees. Clearly an attempt to fool the public into believing NATO’s authority will allow them to escape the blame as Europe implodes. This is also a sign that the soft and hidden social engineering of billionaire George Soros is all going according to “THE PLAN“.

And Soros is only getting started, Steve Watson writes “Billionaire puppet master George Soros visited the White House toward the end of last year to meet with Obama’s top advisor on ISIS, BEFORE he was appointed, logs have revealed. Soros’ trip to the White House marked the 13th time that he has visited since Obama has been in office.”

Will it take the awareness of the angered majority of Americans to wake up or even come to Europe’s rescue…once again? How long before George Soros is outed for the nation wrecking enemy of humanity he truly is?

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