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Why Exactly Does The Government Need Guillotines, Coffins?

Oh, I see, so you choose NOT to believe any of this stuff… huh? Well, great, that’s EXACTLY what they want you to do!!!!
ggWhere to start? I thought that if people saw some of the items ordered by the Government they may get a real sense as to how late it is. My job here is not fear. My job is to wake you up and see what the rest of us see that spend days week hours doing research because we want to stay alive and keep our families safe. If you think you have something more important I can only say you will be very sorry in the VERY near future.  I am talking weeks not months or years.
So if we look above we see UNDERWATER BODY BAGS. NEVER ORDERED BEFORE FOR USE IN THE UNITED STATES for homeland use.  When I contacted Savage COFFINS in Georgia they said the order was for 500,000 COFFIN LINERS. Cost 1 Billion dollars. I’m sorry but I have heard of pay it forward but this brings a whole new meaning to it. Through your taxes you will pay for a coffin you have to share with 2 other people. Again sorry but this so serious you have to find humor in this because it is so in your face.
You will be pleased to know the United States ordered the cheapest one made. They are trying to save money. What else do we have here of yes the GUILLOTINE can any American tell me why the United States Needs 30,000 GUILLOTINE’S. ADD INSULT TO INJURY THEY WERE MADE IN CHINA AND SENT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO BE ASSEMBLED. If you think they bought them and they don’t intend to use them I have a surprise for you. YOU ARE WRONG.

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