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Dr. Phil: Free Stuff Is ‘A Vicious Cycle’

“We have got to go beyond first grade to twelfth grade when we talk about public education. So I do believe we should make public colleges and universities tuition-free.”

‘Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy:
“Dr. Phil, why is it that young people, in particular, love Bernie’s message of everything’s free?”

Dr. Phil McGraw:
“Two things. One, he’s telling these people what they want to hear. Right? But they’re all doing it. I mean, Hillary’s telling her people what they want to hear. Trump’s telling people what they want to hear. He’s telling these young people what they want to hear. And you want to hear that. And it’s great if they can then turn around and do it. But it’s politics, right? Plus, he’s also really hitting at the establishment. He’s giving the same message Trump is giving. It’s that anger message. Let’s knock them down. Let’s do this all a different way.”

Dr. Phil explained that there is “No Free Lunch.”



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