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Churches establish armed security teams as shootings rise


Oh my gosh! You know things have gone to the dogs when you have to have armed security forces protecting when you are at church! This is the culture we live in now though folks. May God have mercy!

The Rev. Brady Boyd believes there is no safer place to be Sunday morning than inside his church.

When Boyd takes to the pulpit at New Life Church, in Colorado Springs, Colo., he and the faithful are well protected. The 30-acre grounds are patrolled by uniformed police officers and an armed safety team made up of about 20 people, including Special Forces soldiers from one of four nearby military bases. One of Boyd’s personal secuirty guards is a 24-year veteran Green Beret.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]“It’s not like Soviet Russia,” he said. “But you plan for the worst, and pray for the best.”[/inlinetweet]

” … you plan for the worst, and pray for the best.” – The Rev. Brady Boyd

Boyd said worshipers may be especially vulnerable because their unarmed presence on Sundays is predictable. That’s why domestic confrontations often unfold inside what should literally be a sanctuary.

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