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Bachmann Just Went For Hillary’s Jugular

There are a host of reasons why the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency is an insult to the principles upon which the United States was founded and our further existence as a Constitutional republic. Michele Bachmann focuses on one of those, her criminal actions with regard to Benghazi.

Congresswoman Bachman says, “Benghazi alone is the chief reason why Hillary Clinton should be nowhere near the oval office. She’s a dangerous woman with bad ideas and she has blood on her hands. And I will say that again, she has innocent blood on her hands of American soldiers and servicemen because of her bad ideas.”

Bachmann is asked why she thinks Benghazi doesn’t matter to so many people. She replies, “Well, let’s face it, when the Benghazi report was issued in June, the media said, ‘Oh, nothing to see here, let’s move along.’ Because Hillary Clinton is the media’s candidate. Always this time of year in an election year, there is 50,000 free press secretaries for Hillary Clinton. Because if you look at people in the media, they vote Democrat, that’s their person, so they are not going to undermine Hillary Clinton.

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