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A re-examination of morals in the context of Planet X – Nibiru

You know all this talk about NWO, end times, PlanetX, Illuminati, bio-chips, anti-christ etc., it gets pretty overwhelming, to say the least. All the research I’ve done tells me that it is absolutely true though and unless the population wakes up and figures out what is really going on, it will be too late. In fact, it’s probably already too late now!

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
(bio and articles / forum)

Premise: The elite have known about the coming of Planet X since the early ’80s.

Evidence: The martial law / secret security state / new world order has been under heavy construction since the early ’90s. Deep Underground Bunkers and Deep Underground Military Bases have become synonymous with the secret security state, while rumors of a martial law takeover have been floated since the Clinton Administration.

Speculation: I believe that the knowledge of the upcoming extinction-level-event has prompted the construction of DUMBs as well as the genetic exploration that has led to the scientific development of human-animal chimeras. I speculate that the elite are preparing to re-seed the Earth after an extinction-level-event. I further speculate that the elite have wanted a one-world-government based upon an alleged “Enlightenment” mentality since the era of the bloody French Revolution. In truth, George Washington was concerned about the Illuminati taking over Freemasonry and, with it, the Enlightenment Spirit or Zeitgeist that had so beneficially balanced the puritanical and altruistic spirit of Christianity.

Thesis: The politically correct / fascist / Illuminati takeover masquerading as climate and racial activism is unfortunately just a smokescreen for the larger Trans Pacific Partnership / United Nations Agenda 21, which really just inaugurates a larger one-world feudal body of aristocrats, scientists, pseudo-scientists, bureaucrats and bankers being guarded by an omnipresent artificially intelligent surveillance network that can automatically cut off your funds or your life support without any judicial process.

Let’s not forget microchips implanted in everyone’s brains and who knows where else. Right now, it’s only soldiers and the rich or medically in need who can get these, but soon, fret not dear ones, soon you too will be able to interface with every device in your WiFi network and neuro-linguistically command devices with your mind’s will interfaced with a tiny chip that is your connection to semi-divine status.

Anti-Thesis: The anti-thesis is that this is all conspiracy theory without a shred of evidence.

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